About Us

What we do

Blue Diamond Media Consulting specializes in direct to sales training and marketing, specifically inside of Sweetwater Sound. Owner, Steve DiMaggio, has spent over 15 years working with Sweetwater, first as a Sales Engineer and now as an inside vendor rep. 

Since 2020, Steve has been praised by his peers for his forward thinking, no nonsense approach to training and sales, focusing on what REALLY matters to Sales Engineers when they are on the phone.

Blue Diamond Media Consulting does not approach every brand the same. We tell your brand story in a way that is meaningful to sales. Please contact us to find out how we can help your brand gain more traction with Sales Engineers and keep your products front of mind.

Who we are

Blue Diamond Media Consulting is owned by Steve DiMaggio.

For the past 25+ years Steve has been in some form of the music industry. Steve started performing professionally at the age of 12, and by 21 had a record deal and moved to California. While touring during the early 2000’s, Steve started his career in MI retail sales at a local mom and pop shop in NJ. This eventually led to Steve accepting a position as a Sweetwater Sales Engineer in early 2006. (The Blue Diamond naming pays homage to the Sweetwater Bass Rd. training facility.) Within 18 months he became one of the top earning SE for his tenure and went on to be part of Sweetwater University. He mentored many of the senior Sales Engineers and management now running the show at Sweetwater.

Steve decided to move back to NJ after he and his wife had their first child. Together they started a wedding film company, Color Room Films. This company ran strong doing close to 100 weddings a year, strictly on Red Digital Cinema cameras until 2020.

2020 opened up the opportunity for Steve to return to  Sweetwater, this time as a Vendor Village associate for McFadden Sales. Since then Steve has constantly pushed the limits of what training should be. He regularly involves Sales Engineers, management and talent in his training materials which makes them incredibly impactful. As other sales representatives and brands have reached out to him to see if he could develop training materials for them, he realized there was a need he could fill. Blue Diamond Media Consulting was started March 2023 to fill that need.

What sets us apart


You won’t be waiting 24-48 hours for a call back or returned email. Steve is the most responsive person you will ever meet.


Steve knows the in’s and out’s of the business, but also has a team of creatives working with him to bring your marketing tools to life.


Action is the whole point! Ideas, strategies and dreams are nothing without it and you won’t wait long to see your plan in action.